To the Old Stone Church, Maple Hill, KS
Although you likely may not know where the Old Stone Church or Maple Hill is, getting there is very simple. Maple Hill is on I-70, smack dab between Manhattan and Topeka. To get to the church, simply exit I-70 at Exit 341, and turn north, towards Maple Hill. About one mile north, the highway takes an abrupt turn right, but YOU will turn LEFT, onto a small gravel road, and there you are!

The map below can be zoomed or panned for extra context.

To the K-State Student Union Ballroom, Manhattan, KS
Most of you are familiar with Manhattan and the K-State campus, so finding the reception should prove to be pretty easy. For the less familiar, the student union is at Anderson Avenue & 17th Street. The map below may provide some help. The Main Ballroom is on the second level of the student union.

Please email us if you have any questions about either of the venues or how to get to them.